01 August 2017

Writing, Writing, Writing

Continuing to share some favourites, here are pieces from our 2 Liams!

The Cabin

At first it seemed like a peaceful walk through the bush. . .

By Liam R

The leaves crackled beneath my feet, I was strolling back toward the cabin that me and my friend were staying at. It was and old wooden cabin with nothing but a fireplace to heat it. It was a cold and dark night, I was tired of playing cards so I decided to go out on a walk through the bush. It was really peaceful out where we were staying, the only thing the that broke the sound of the gentle breeze flowing through the brittle leaves was a few birds chirping. The bush where I was walking through was riddled with roots sprouting along over the muddy pathway.

As I was walking I noticed that my shoelace was undone so I bent down and tied it up then carried on walking. But then a minute later I looked down again and it was undone once more. “What is wrong with these shoes,” I said to myself. I bent down and tied them back up but extra tight this time. I was watching my shoes as I was walking along because it was so weird what was happening to them.

All of a sudden the trees and roots all around me started moving towards me like old bony fingers the roots started wrapping quickly around my trembling ankles. I tried to break free but they were all so strong and slowly making their way up my body. I couldn’t move my arms or legs any more. I screamed out for help but I could barely breathe. I started to wrap around my neck and I knew that I was going to die. I took my last breath as the trees closed over my face.

I fell down to the floor with a thump. I was dead. From that day on no one ever came out of that forest alive.   

By Liam M
Three, two, one! Flip, but the bottle was still in my hand. I wanted to flip it off the boat, despite how much I knew it would crack. It was so tempting, imaging if I landed it. It would be so cool! Ok this time, I can do it. Wait no, remember what happen last time you tried to flip the bottle off the boat. There was little pieces of bottle everywhere. Oh no now my hands are sweating. Yes, no ,yes. Wait... no. You know what, this is a strong bottle. It won't break. Ok this time, three, two ,one!

Up, flip, uh oh still flipping. Crash! It broke.
Fhew! just a daydream, but I still really want to do it. I can just imagine myself flipping it, landing it, screaming about and finally, bragging about it. You know what, I told myself, i’m gonna do this once and for all. Anyway, who cares if it brakes. I mean like, It’s only a water bottle. Ok. Here we go…

Up, flip and...Yes! It’s going to land. The hype was real, but unfortunately the bottle couldn't handle the impact. And of course it broke.

26 July 2017

More Writing!

Here are two more favourites:

A Horror Story
By Kyan
Steven and his family are off on a midnight walk around the island, just then out of nowhere they hear a whistle from a distance. Stevens face dropped “did you hear that” exclaimed Steven “yea” replied his dad. They keep walking, the whistle comes closer to them. “There it is again” said Steven, they start walk faster, they havn’t heard the whistle for about ten minutes now until they hear it right behind them. They turn but see nothing except for leaves falling from the sky like thev’e been thrown in the air by something behind them. The whistle comes again but this time in front, they stop, eyes wide open from what thev’e seen in front of them. The next morning they find the bodies lying on the gravel, the reported seen described the eyes missing...  

From then on, no one went outside at night again. Detectives search the area for any clues, but the only clue they found we’re the leaves and bare footprints.

By Josiah

‘Errrr’ I shivered as thoughts of cow's digestive systems spun around in my head. A thick, warm, squishy, brown mixture oozed in between my toes keeping my feet warm and stinky. Rotten old fences surrounded me, lining up the tanned grassy fields of farmland. ‘Ohh finally’ I sighed in relief, exiting the giraffe stench grasslands. The second paddock was complete. ‘Wow!’ I shouted in excitement, as a big view of the hidden beach came into my sight. Crystal clear waves peeled elegantly. The conditions were perfect and about an eight second swell followed as a bonus.

I walked down the dodgy looking field to the beach and as grass turned to big rocks and then to sand, I was there. Huge boulders guarded the banks that went right out to sea. The dark brown sand was sheltered by the sun from a big cliff behind me, the stringy roots and dirt, gazing upon the ocean. I got my velcro leg strap that was connected to my long, soft top board on just above my ankle and sprinted into the salty water. The water was just above my waste by now and I jumped onto my surfboard and started to paddle out to where the waves were breaking. My arms were throbbing with exhaustion and I had no idea how deep it was, but I had a pretty good feeling that it was a long way from my depth. ‘Oh no’ I said to myself, the feeling of panic building up inside my head. I got to the breaking line of the big waves. As I looked out at the waves from the grassy field before, I’d thought that the waves would be the perfect size for a learner like me, but I was proved wrong. Huge, monstrous waves climbed higher and higher and then suddenly, disaster struck. The wave was at it’s full height by now and it started to fall, on me. It took about two seconds to break and beat up the surface of the sea, including me. In that time, I held my breath, held onto my board tight and braced for impact. The rolling wave violently punched me down into the water and took me a few metres back to shore. It felt like being put in a machine washer and being spun around at full speed. As the wave passed, my board slowly took me back up to the the surface and I was able to breath in the fresh salty air again. I got back on my board and started to paddle as hard as I could to get out past where the waves were breaking, my energy slowly getting drained. ‘Finally’ I mumbled. I was out back, dodging all the evil waves that had half formed. Suddenly, a few waves later, a huge wave picked me up and quickly, I new that I wouldn't be able to get out of this one. I thought I’d have to either let it throw me down onto the ocean, or try and stand up and ride it. I decided quickly and went with the ‘try and stand up’ option, and soon I was boogie boarding down the front of the wave. Slowly, I struggled to stand up, but then at last, I was riding the wave. In an instant, I lost control of the board and started to wobble viciously.’Wow!’ I shouted, losing my balance, I really didn’t want to fall into the huge pile of whitewash, but I couldn’t help it. The wave carried me a few metres again, and I only had a little bit of energy left. I hopped back on my board and paddled back to where the waves were still forming. This was my last chance to catch a wave.

I sat on my board and looked out at the ocean observing for a good wave. Eventually, I found one. It was already half formed and was sprinting towards me. ‘Paddle,paddle, paddle!’ I chanted to myself. The wave picked me up and I rode down the wave, I was traveling really fast, almost accelerating faster than the wave. Slowly, I used the last of my energy and pushed myself up into the standing position. I made sure that I was stable and finally, I was riding the wave.
The end

25 July 2017

Our Favourite Writing

Continuing on from the last post, here is some more of the kids' awesome writing!

A Horror Story
By Jarrod
My hand trembled onto the door as I twisted the knob. The door came towards me. I creeped into the door. I could barely see anything. I reached the onsweet as I realized how foggy it was. Slap a hand hit from inside the shower and slowly dragged down. Blood trails leaving on the glass pane. I opened the door without thinking and there was my mum slouching in the corner. Tears welled in my eyes as crouched to her. She only said one word
‘’Atic’’ then she went limp. I cried, whimpered, and cursed as her words played in my mind. The attic. I stood up and ran down stairs as quietly as I could, I went into the kitchen and grabbed the butcher knife.

By Grace

In recent years, Rio de Janeiro has had an extremely atrocious pollution problem in the bays, lagoons and shores. For the Rio 2016 Olympics they promised a humongous clean up of Guanabara Bay (where all the sailing events are going to happen) and it’s streams, canals and rivers alike. They broke their promise, as before, and just shoved it out of sight, just as a child pushes dirty washing to the corner of their room…

In recent years Rio has allowed trash and other things enter their waterways, bays and rivers. Last year they were the hosts of the 2016 Rio Olympics and there was a slight problem. Pollution.

Rio promised eight sewage treatment plants and they installed one. Their biggest and only sewage treatment plant is only working at 50 percent capacity, it is called the Alegria treatment plant. From there sewage flows into the bay uninterrupted.

Yet another problem in Rio is rubbish. People just biff their rubbish into the rivers and canals near their houses just to get rid of it! From there it enters Guanabara bay where the Sailing events were going to be held. The trash covers the surface of the sea, becoming a floating hazard for the Olympic sailors…

The grey-green lines of untreated sewage from 50 streams pouring into otherwise picturesque bays and lagoons makes the water cloudy and full of germs. Raw sewage flows uninterrupted into Guanabara Bay polluting it even further.

You have a 99% chance of infection if you consume just three teaspoons of water! An associated press investigation in early August 2016 found that Rio’s water is “as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage and teeming with with dangerous viruses and bacteria!”

Some people may think that pollution is a good thing for various reasons. Maybe that it is an easy way of disposing of rubbish. Or you can get rid of sewage so your house doesn’t smell. However, the results of that is extremely horrendous. Dead fish, dying wildlife and rivers dead with sewage. Sickness, illness and death. The pollution in Rio de Janeiro is truly awful. The sewage is just rolling into their bays. They just dump their trash wherever they want, and, just before the Olympic opening ceremony a corpse was found floating in the bay due to the sickening water. Come ON people how hard is it to find somewhere else to put rubbish, somewhere else to pump sewage or install another treatment plant? Now that you haven’t done those things people suffer. Now I’m talking directly to you New Zealand, How would YOU feel if they were OUR waterways?

11 July 2017

Reflection: Favourite Writing

Earlier in the term, tamariki were asked to choose some of their favourite writing they'd like to share on the blog! Here's a sampling of two pieces:

La Rouyaume
By Ana

Trudging down the grassy hill, wind whistling softly in his ears, the bearded ‘King’--for he had only a painted metal crown--was making his way to the lush woodlands filled with chittering animals and bugs. Dandelion seeds twirled around his head in light breeze, a checkered bag was balanced on his right shoulder by a knobbly stick, it shifted slightly. His boots shone coal black, and his brilliant red cape billowed regally behind him. Though there was one thing was not kingly about him; there was an arrow, pierced all the way though the fake, painted, crown.

Hastily the burly man scanned the bushes and trees ahead, spotting two delightful rabbits, they scampered away quickly, frightened of his sudden appearance. Tip-toeing now, the counterfeit King peered through the shrubbery; spotting some accomplished beavers on top of their growing masterpiece: a dam. Though what were they laughing at? Scanning around the lake scene, he spotted a small beaver trying, unsuccessfully, to snap a narrow twig.
This beaver I can use! Thinks the now scheming king. Innocently the king padded over to the beaver that the others had been making fun of. Sniffling the beaver gazed at the majestic looking man before him, and in the man’s hand was a gleaming, heavy, axe. Perking up, the beaver reached out and took hold of the axe. Then the King kneeled down and knotted a red cape just like his on the loyal beaver.
“This is my plan!”, the grinning king declared, pointing at his drawing in the dirt with a stubby forefinger.
“Ahhh!”, sighed the beaver happily, for there before him was resplendent castle.

Staggering forward with the weight of the razor sharp axe, the beaver went over to a tree, and began to chop it down. Speedily the fuzzy beaver set to work, building a platform, then a throne, then the frame for the roof. All the while, the anxious king lounged in his throne, looking extremely bored.
“Not tall enough! Not big enough!” wWhined the king. Though the beaver was tired, the king was the one to slumber.

“Huh?” mMumbled the still half-asleep king, drool dripping from his open mouth. Then he gasped! He was above the clouds. He gazed at the shining, and twinkling stars, it was like they were all laughing together. Logs creaked, and moaned as the awed man moved forward, then CRACK! The tower tilted to the right, the king snapping back, rushed down stairs, hoping to be able to salvage his palace. Speeding down the millions of wooden steps he reached the bottom and saw the beaver just staring at the trees he had cut down. ‘What have I done?’ Thought the dismayed and ashamed beaver. Since the beaver had cut the woods in only one place, it had made a funnel for the wind, blowing so strongly that it was knocking down the enormous castle he had built. But he didn’t care anymore. The furious king was hollering at him, but he didn’t care about that either.
‘Let it fall!’ The angry beaver thought. Gales blew and lifted the imprudent king into the air, the beaver watched, while hanging on to the roots of a tree trunk. Red and billowing the cape on the beavers shoulders, whirled away….right into the mad, enormous hands of the king. The man shredded the red cloth into pieces.
“That is the last straw!” The beaver yelled, though it was lost in the howling and tugging wind. With that, the shaggy, shaken beaver twirled round and round then flung the heavy axe at the bewildered King.

Daylight dappled on the lake, all was peaceful. Then….THUNK! The King dropped into a mole's family home. They stared at him, he held up a shining spoon, “Aye?” he says, smiling.

The short-furred moles dug faithfully, day and night. Doing just as the King asked, making the biggest castle ever underground. Though the littlest mole, Jimmy, was reaching higher than the rest, scooping and scooping, not even looking at where he was going….straight into the lake above.


By Hannah C.

“What's that. It moved. Blue, no black, thin, long. Shark!, Do we have sharks here. Woops, stay focused. Don't lose your balance. Saw dolphins once over by the bridge, lots of them. Must have sharks here or sting rays. What if I fall in? What if one gets me like that Australian guy?

Concentrate. You can do this. You’ve done it before - this SUP boarding thing. You weren't scared then.  I mean it’s easy right? You just have to have good balance.

What did that guy tell me to do? Left foot, no.. right foot forward. Uh ..never mind. What was the other thing? Oh that’s right, bend both knees. Keep your balance, woah. Arms out arms out. balance. ok
Don’t  wobble straighten up. DON’T wobble.

Can Mum see me? Im standing up, look at me. Yay. Is she looking at me?

Those boat sheds are tiny. What are they like inside? Do they have loos? Do the loos empty out here into the sea? Eugh.
It's not the sea though is it? Isn’t a harbour? Wait, is that worse?

Whats happening? Don’t lean to the side. Straighten up. Straighten up.

Cold. Ow. My eyes sting from the salt. Heavy clothes. My eyes still hurt, rubbing makes it worse. Ok I’ve got the board.  Both hands. It's ok. Shark’s can only get my legs now.

06 June 2017


Kauri Tahi has been having an awesome time during gymnastics this term. Here are some highlights:

Check out the kids portfolios in term 3 for more gymnastics photos!

04 April 2017

Art: Self-Portraits and Watercolours

We've done a few pieces of art this term, here's a little sample! Come visit our class to see the rest :)

29 March 2017

Camp Slideshows

As part of our learning portfolios, we've created small slideshows to share some of our favourite moments from camp. Each child has one of the slideshows in their learning portfolios, here are just a few great ones!

Ana's slideshow

Henry's slideshow

Max's slideshow

Milla's slideshow

16 March 2017

Reading About Aotearoa's Oceans

Kia ora whānau!

In preparation for our inquiry into Porirua's water habitats, we've been reading about different water facts and issues both in New Zealand and the world. Two of our reading groups--Kea and Kakapo--read "Voyages of Discovery", a text about NIWA scientists discovering new species in NZ's coastal waters. We asked questions before, during, and after reading to extend our learning and did some research to answer our questions.

Zoe's work:
Q: What is a Marine Ecosystem?
A: It is another phrase for Marine Habitats.

Q: What's a NIWA Scientist?
A: NIWA stands for the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

Q: Why does the ocean matter so much for humans?
A: Oceans are the lifeblood of planet Earth and humankind. They produce more than half of the oxygen in the atmosphere and absorb the most carbon from it!

Hannah's work:
The research vessel Tangaroa went around the coastline of NZ. Why? They were studying the animals and plant life in the sea. The scientists wanted to know more about the marine ecosystem.
What does segmented mean?
Segmented means segments. If you look at your finger, the lines on it are segments. They are pieces of a finger
How many marine species are there in the world?
About 700,00 and 1,000000 different species live in the world's oceans. That is a lot of different animals!.

Liam R's work:
What is a marine ecosystem? They are some of the world's biggest aquatic ecosystems and they have got lots of different sea creatures.

What is a sea squirt? A sea squirt is a little filter feeder that lives on the ocean floor Despite their plant-like appearance, sea squirts are actually more closely related to vertebrates than they are to invertebrates such as sponges and coral.

What is the most recent sea  creature discovered in New Zealand. I couldn't find any specific creatures but they find 7,000 new species every fortnight.

Ana's work:
Q Did anyone help Carl Linnaeus with his naming?
A His students collected specimen for him
Linnaeus’s students collected all kinds of animals and plants for him all over the world.
Though he was the only one that named things like the name for humans: Homosapiens.

Q What does NIWA stand for?
A National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research
NIWA does lots of deep sea pictures trying to find new creatures and plants. They find 7 new fish in NZ every fortnight!

Q What is the most recent fish found?
A buck tooth ghost shark...
It was found with 50 others just like it on the 2nd of February 2017. They are about 3 feet long...and very pretty! :)  
Here is a picture!
Michelle's work:
Q. How many people are in the crew of NIWA Tangaroa?
  1. There are 6 people in their crew.
Q. What is a taxonomist?
  1. A taxonomist is a person who groups organisms into groups.

Q. What is the most recent type of coral discovered in NZ?
  1. A type of feathery soft coral known as sea pens is found by marine scientists in Fiordland, South Island, NZ.

Mickey and Andre T's work:

What is a Marine ecosystem?

Marine ecosystems are among the largest of the world's ecosystems. There are a few examples that include: salt marshes, lagoons, coral reefs, intertidal zones, mangroves.

What is a sea perch?
SeaPerch is an innovative underwater robotics program that equips teachers and students with the resources they need to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) in an in-school or out-of-school setting.

What is the most recently discovered sea specie in New Zealand?.
In February 2016 Maria Lombard Found a mysterious creature of the length of 6.5 meters on Waitarere beach. “I think it might be an eel” Explained Maria. This is the most recently discovered sea species in New Zealand.

Tommy and Jarrod's work:
What does NIWA stand for.? After five minutes of research I found the acronym for NIWA. The acronym is National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research NIWA is helping the underwater sea life with studying how they live with the coral at the bottom of the ocean using a robot to take pictures. It even has two batteries and a ocean depth sensor.

Jen's work:
Marine Ecosystems
Q: What is a Marine ecosystem?
A: A marine ecosystem is a marine habitat.

Q: What is NIWA?
A: NIWA stands for National Institute of Water. NIWA is is a Crown Research Institute of New Zealand.

Q: What does the DTIS do?

A: DTIS is a camera system designed and built by NIWA staff, which is used to take pictures and video of deep sea biodiversity and seafloor habitats. DTIS stands for Deep Towed Imaging System.

Lucas's work:
How is pollution affecting marine ecosystems around NZ?
Pollution is killing reefs and different marine ecosystems and then the fish can’t live because the ecosystems are not there and they die out or they leave to find a new ecosystem.

What new species around new zealand have been found the most recently?
The most newest fish is a bizzare transparent fish that a fisherman caught. it is currently unnamed.

When did Carl Linnaeus make the classification system?

Grace's work:
Marine Ecosystems Q+A!
By Grace Williams!

Who is the man who invented the weird names for the animals of this world?
A: Carl Linnaeus

What does NIWA stand for?
A: The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

What is the most recently discovered creature of the deep?
A: The new Bucktoothed Ghost Shark Species is the most recently found creature of the deep.

Marine Ecosystems!

The man who invented the weird names for the animals of this world is called Carl Linnaeus. He is Swedish. NIWA stands for The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research. They discover new species of marine life and weather patterns. The new Bucktoothed Ghost Shark Species is the most recently found creature of the deep. It has huge buck teeth and looks like this:
By Grace Williams.

07 February 2017

Choosing our self-portraits

Hi Kauri Tahi!

I've popped a poll over into the sidebar for you. It closes at 3pm today. Make sure you get on and vote if you'd like the photo below to be the direction we go for self-portraits this year! If you're not so keen, we'll keep looking together.

The technique is simple: take a photo, up the contrast/brightness, trace, then cut! We can talk about colour options as well.

02 February 2017

Starting out in Kauri Tahi

Yesterday we started out with some holiday sharing activities. We could choose between miming a holiday moment, recording it like a radio show, writing it, or drawing it. Drawing it was definitely the most popular!

We also created labels for our tote trays. We could choose between different style suggestions, or design our own:

29 January 2017

Nau mai ki te Kauri Tahi!

Kia ora and welcome to Kauri Tahi's blog! We'll be using this blog to share our learning with friends and family, as well as a place to share news and information about upcoming events.