25 July 2017

Our Favourite Writing

Continuing on from the last post, here is some more of the kids' awesome writing!

A Horror Story
By Jarrod
My hand trembled onto the door as I twisted the knob. The door came towards me. I creeped into the door. I could barely see anything. I reached the onsweet as I realized how foggy it was. Slap a hand hit from inside the shower and slowly dragged down. Blood trails leaving on the glass pane. I opened the door without thinking and there was my mum slouching in the corner. Tears welled in my eyes as crouched to her. She only said one word
‘’Atic’’ then she went limp. I cried, whimpered, and cursed as her words played in my mind. The attic. I stood up and ran down stairs as quietly as I could, I went into the kitchen and grabbed the butcher knife.

By Grace

In recent years, Rio de Janeiro has had an extremely atrocious pollution problem in the bays, lagoons and shores. For the Rio 2016 Olympics they promised a humongous clean up of Guanabara Bay (where all the sailing events are going to happen) and it’s streams, canals and rivers alike. They broke their promise, as before, and just shoved it out of sight, just as a child pushes dirty washing to the corner of their room…

In recent years Rio has allowed trash and other things enter their waterways, bays and rivers. Last year they were the hosts of the 2016 Rio Olympics and there was a slight problem. Pollution.

Rio promised eight sewage treatment plants and they installed one. Their biggest and only sewage treatment plant is only working at 50 percent capacity, it is called the Alegria treatment plant. From there sewage flows into the bay uninterrupted.

Yet another problem in Rio is rubbish. People just biff their rubbish into the rivers and canals near their houses just to get rid of it! From there it enters Guanabara bay where the Sailing events were going to be held. The trash covers the surface of the sea, becoming a floating hazard for the Olympic sailors…

The grey-green lines of untreated sewage from 50 streams pouring into otherwise picturesque bays and lagoons makes the water cloudy and full of germs. Raw sewage flows uninterrupted into Guanabara Bay polluting it even further.

You have a 99% chance of infection if you consume just three teaspoons of water! An associated press investigation in early August 2016 found that Rio’s water is “as filthy as ever, contaminated with raw human sewage and teeming with with dangerous viruses and bacteria!”

Some people may think that pollution is a good thing for various reasons. Maybe that it is an easy way of disposing of rubbish. Or you can get rid of sewage so your house doesn’t smell. However, the results of that is extremely horrendous. Dead fish, dying wildlife and rivers dead with sewage. Sickness, illness and death. The pollution in Rio de Janeiro is truly awful. The sewage is just rolling into their bays. They just dump their trash wherever they want, and, just before the Olympic opening ceremony a corpse was found floating in the bay due to the sickening water. Come ON people how hard is it to find somewhere else to put rubbish, somewhere else to pump sewage or install another treatment plant? Now that you haven’t done those things people suffer. Now I’m talking directly to you New Zealand, How would YOU feel if they were OUR waterways?

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