01 August 2017

Writing, Writing, Writing

Continuing to share some favourites, here are pieces from our 2 Liams!

The Cabin

At first it seemed like a peaceful walk through the bush. . .

By Liam R

The leaves crackled beneath my feet, I was strolling back toward the cabin that me and my friend were staying at. It was and old wooden cabin with nothing but a fireplace to heat it. It was a cold and dark night, I was tired of playing cards so I decided to go out on a walk through the bush. It was really peaceful out where we were staying, the only thing the that broke the sound of the gentle breeze flowing through the brittle leaves was a few birds chirping. The bush where I was walking through was riddled with roots sprouting along over the muddy pathway.

As I was walking I noticed that my shoelace was undone so I bent down and tied it up then carried on walking. But then a minute later I looked down again and it was undone once more. “What is wrong with these shoes,” I said to myself. I bent down and tied them back up but extra tight this time. I was watching my shoes as I was walking along because it was so weird what was happening to them.

All of a sudden the trees and roots all around me started moving towards me like old bony fingers the roots started wrapping quickly around my trembling ankles. I tried to break free but they were all so strong and slowly making their way up my body. I couldn’t move my arms or legs any more. I screamed out for help but I could barely breathe. I started to wrap around my neck and I knew that I was going to die. I took my last breath as the trees closed over my face.

I fell down to the floor with a thump. I was dead. From that day on no one ever came out of that forest alive.   

By Liam M
Three, two, one! Flip, but the bottle was still in my hand. I wanted to flip it off the boat, despite how much I knew it would crack. It was so tempting, imaging if I landed it. It would be so cool! Ok this time, I can do it. Wait no, remember what happen last time you tried to flip the bottle off the boat. There was little pieces of bottle everywhere. Oh no now my hands are sweating. Yes, no ,yes. Wait... no. You know what, this is a strong bottle. It won't break. Ok this time, three, two ,one!

Up, flip, uh oh still flipping. Crash! It broke.
Fhew! just a daydream, but I still really want to do it. I can just imagine myself flipping it, landing it, screaming about and finally, bragging about it. You know what, I told myself, i’m gonna do this once and for all. Anyway, who cares if it brakes. I mean like, It’s only a water bottle. Ok. Here we go…

Up, flip and...Yes! It’s going to land. The hype was real, but unfortunately the bottle couldn't handle the impact. And of course it broke.